for many years bishop wafula has been doing ministry in his own country and this is evident by  the churches  he has planted and overseering in  uganda.

and on top of churches, other responsibilities include,

  •   caring for the orphans/ vulnerable children and the elderly. By soliciting and availing school fees, medication to these children.
  • supporting the elderly by providing them with the basic  nececities  of life .
  • supporting   pastors to attain training for their ministry carrier.
  • Discipling  and commissioning  missionaries to nations of the world especially Asia.

Note: An opportunity is available in case you want to either support or sponsor any of the activities  below:

  1. A child's /Education medication.
  2. Housing/ medication and provision of basic needs for the elderly.
  3. Bible college study materials.
  4. Soul winning village crusades/ church planting.
  5. funding the finishing of Redeemed Gospel cathedral in Uganda.
  6. Support towards planting a church in Africa.
  7. Visit and support a pastor's family.
  8. Putting up an international revival meeting. (these meetings are normally organized annually  mainly in Asia, under FredrickRain out Reach Ministries.            
  9. Costs/ detials of the above will be availed on request and also our ministry bank account.